PEMRA initiates action against Ahmadiyya Channels

As per a notification issued on May 28 by the PEMRA Director General (Operations-Distributions)  Muhammad Farooq, the authority has been receiving numerous complaints for a while against the distribution of illegal Channels especially Ahmadiyya Channels including MTA, MTA-1,  MTA-1-Al-Awla,  Ahmedia-1 (Urdu),  etc.


However, it maintained that despite an inquiry having been conducted, specifics of such distribution networks remain unavailable.


Therefore, the authority directed its all Regional Offices to remain vigilant and to ensure that no such illegal Channel is carried by any distribution service licensee.



  1. The PEMRA directed them to initiate stern legal  action against the violator if any violation is found.

Furthermore, it noted that the action will also include the cancellation of the license besides confiscating the equipment.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the President of 4th  Pillar   Media Farooq H. Mirza has said that efforts by the press association of journalists have  yielded fruits as upon its complaint, the PEMRA for the first time has initiated an action against illegal Channels operated by Ahmadiyya Community which were desecrating the Holy Prophet  Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The 4th Pillar President  revealed  that the Kidzone Plus Channel is also running programs with cartoon portraits of  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and airing them in Islamabad, army and remote areas through Dish TV.